About Us

Since the beginning of time humans have yearned for the perfect way to cover their upper body. Stiff dress-shirts, buttons, collars, and the act of tucking in; have all proven to get in the way of comfort as it was intended. It's only in the soft embrace of a casual T-Shirt, that one can finally be free. As noted in the bible (somewhere in the back), a comfortable Tee is a reminder that miracles exist and are all around us. A simple piece of soft fabric with appropriately placed holes can bring you closer to happiness. It is also pretty rad when the T-Shirts have a cool picture or something witty on them. Become your true relaxed self, and exercise your inalienable right to be comfortable. Get inside of a T-Shirt today.

Jessica Sitting in Chair

The phrase "Show Us Your Shirt" is inspired by our dear friend Jessica Ramirez who is sadly no longer with us. Not only did Jessica rock the hell out of T-Shirts on the regular, but she was also hilarious, smart, caring, and beautiful in every way imaginable. One of her favorite past times was attending local rock shows almost exclusively in some sort of Casual Tee. For a laugh, she would sometimes shout to the band members between songs, "Show Us Your Shirt!" - This play on words was always extra hilarious, so we decided to name our store in her honor. We miss you Jess and hope you would be proud that your legacy continues.

- Daniel 
  Owner of Show Us Your Shirt